About LagosJump

LagosJump Radio is an afrobeat-inspired online music platform, available through our website www.lagosjumpradio.com and mobile phone apps. We operate out of our offices in London and dj studio in Ajah, Lagos, delivering a dj oriented music streaming service 24×7, 365 days. We are a team of dedicated and experienced DJs, who are very passionate about music and the buzzing music industry in Lagos.

LagosJump Radio is available and can be accessed globally from any suitable internet connected device. Currently, we have listeners logging into our streaming servers from various countries worldwide, but we are firmly rooted in Lagos, a city that has been a major influence in the evolution of afrobeat music globally over the last 10 years.

At LagosJump we have DJs not OAPs, we play various roles in the DJ and Lagos entertainment scene. Our DJ team bring with them a vast musical experience, their own individual followings and a deep knowledge of the own particular choice in music.

Our DJs are free from the shackles imposed by most commercial FM stations across the city, we have one remit which is to play good music only.

– LagosJump Management