Would like to join our team at LagosJump Radio?


We are always looking for volunteer presenters from around the world to fill available slots. The right person(s) must have their own music library as well as the set up to record their shows. If you have an example of a previous radio show or mix you have done even better, send us a link so we are able to take a listen for ourselves. Links from Mixcloud or Soundcloud are preferred. As a presenter we expect you to have and be able to use a mic while on air, to ensure interaction with the listening audience.


Our live studio is based in Lagos but we are open to hearing from DJ’s and presenters with a passion for Afrobeat from all over.


LagosJump Radio is an afrobeat online music platform, available online through our website and dedicated mobile device/phone apps. LagosJump radio was started in London in 2015 as a way of promoting afrobeat music to friends and family by djWeymo. djWeymo runs the djWeymo Professional Soundsystem in Lagos, a leading provider dj services in Lagos, Nigeria.


LagosJump Radio is funded by a passionate team of volunteer DJ’s and listeners who keep the station going. Unlike most internet stations playing afrobeat, and afropop, LagosJump Radio is fully licensed with PRS in the UK.


If interested, please email


– LagosJump Radio Management