Telegram Jam Session Top 5

Telegram Jam Session Top 5

Seems we have a number of lover boys and girls and one paper chaser on the show this week. The Telegram Jam Top 5 promises a combination of new talent but old sound, not the kind we’re tired of hearing cos it’s been over flogged but the kind that we can connect to because we know how the ting go. Vibes and chills unend.

Let me introduce you to these superb artists:

Odeece on Money Na Paper

Dancing to the Stars by WorldfamousKenzzy

Okay by Million

Randandaa by Vytas Jonas

Ultrea Moose ft Space Girl on Midnight Song

And here is the entire show to catch up with our freshest guys on the block. Find out what our host thinks of this songs.


Telegram Jam Session Top 5 is compiled by LagosJump Radio, and the list is based off songs submitted to us via our app or website.

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April 29th, 2021

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