Afrobeats Top 10 Songs 2nd July

Afrobeats Top 10 Songs 2nd July

It’s a new vibe on the show this week with 3 brand new entries.

Here’s a really fun way to summarize the countdown:

Lets Rock to that Feeling, that feeling that’s making us Bounce to good music. No Need For Speed when enjoying the Soundgasm Outside. Show Me a more Confident Big Thug Boy like Naira Marley. 

That was your Afrobeats Top 10 Countdown in a nutshell. We love It!!!!

Now listen to the complete show here:

10. Naira Marley

09. Big Thug Boys

08. Confident
Savage ft Buju

07. Show Me

06. Outside

05. Soundgasm

04. Need For Speed

03. Bounce

02. Feeling
Ladipoe ft Buju

01. Rock

Top 10 Billboard is compiled by LagosJump Radio, and the list is based on the most popular current songs in Lagos, based on the major streaming platforms.

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July 6th, 2021

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