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Bukky Leo: Fela Kuti’s Birthday

today October 15, 2023my_locationJazz Cafe

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Bukky Leo Celebrates Fela Kuti’s Legacy at Jazz Cafe London

Bukky Leo is a renowned UK jazz, afrobeat musician. He is known for his exceptional skills as a tenor saxophonist and lead vocalist
Bukky Leo is a renowned UK jazz, afrobeat musician. He is known for his exceptional skills as a tenor saxophonist and lead vocalist

Bukky Leo, on the 15th of October, at the Jazz Cafe in Camden Town, London, will pulsate with rhythms that honour the life and legacy of the Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti. Aptly named “FELA KUTI’S BIRTHDAY”, the concert is more than just a musical gathering – it’s a celebration of an era, a sound, and the revolutionary spirit of Fela, represented in songs like ‘Beasts of No Nation’, ‘Zombie’, and ‘Water No Get Enemy’.

Bukky Leo: The Heartbeat of the Event

Leading the ensemble of London’s top-tier afrobeat musicians is none other than Fela’s former bandmate, Bukky Leo. Recognised as one of the most significant living figures in afrobeat, Bukky is not just a musician but an emblem of Afrobeat’s golden era. His intimate association with legends such as Tony Allen and, of course, Fela Kuti, makes him the ideal maestro for an evening dedicated to the Afrobeat icon.

Bukky’s Musical Odyssey

Every great artist has a story, and Bukky Leo’s narrative is intertwined with the roots of Afrobeat. Picture a young Bukky, engrossed in mastering the notes of his first saxophone. Tony Allen spots him, and what follows is a twist of fate, leading him to join Allen’s band, “Mighty Iroko’s”. The association doesn’t stop there. Soon, Bukky was playing alongside Fela Kuti, absorbing and contributing to the magic of Afrobeat’s formative years.

In the dynamic world of music, Bukky Leo stands tall with his tenor saxophone and compelling vocals. His journey, starting as a promising saxophonist in Lagos to now leading his band, Black Egypt, in the UK, is nothing short of inspiring. The essence of his music? A mesmerising blend of Lagos’s spirit and London’s vibe, resulting in an unparalleled sound that resonates with audiences across the globe.

An Evening at the Jazz Cafe: What to Expect

The Jazz Cafe in London, with its reputation for hosting some of the most iconic musical events, is the chosen venue for this Afrobeat celebration. Attendees can expect an evening infused with electrifying performances, nostalgic tunes, and the immersive world of Afrobeat. Doors swing open at 7:00 PM, promising a night of rhythmic indulgence.

For those keen to witness this spectacle:

  • Standing tickets: £13.50
  • Restaurant seating: Ranges between £20.00 and £25.00

A Date with History

“FELA KUTI’S BIRTHDAY” isn’t just another concert. It’s a date with Afrobeat history, led by a maestro who lived through its creation. Bukky Leo’s prowess, combined with Fela Kuti’s timeless compositions, promises a night that attendees will cherish for years. Whether you’re an ardent Afrobeat aficionado or someone looking to dive into its magic, the 15th of October at the Jazz Cafe is where you’ll want to be.

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Begin October 15, 2023 H 19:00
End October 15, 2023 H 22:30
Location Jazz Cafe
Address 5 Parkway, London, NW1 7PG
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