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Song Submission


Song Submission: Your Gateway to Global Afrobeats Audiences

Image: Shae Jacobs - We're here to ensure that deserving talents, get the recognition they deserve. Join our musical journey today fill in our Song Submission from
Image: Shae Jacobs

Discover the LagosJump Experience

Song Submission with LagosJump Radio we stand as the pinnacle of online Afrobeats-inspired music platforms. From the hustle and bustle of Ajah, Lagos to the rhythmic heart of London, our team is relentless in curating a DJ-driven streaming experience for Afrobeats aficionados worldwide.

Offering round-the-clock streaming, LagosJump Radio is a self-sustained initiative dedicated to amplifying voices, whether they belong to established artists or the next big sensation. We are not just a radio; we are a movement championing talents and narratives.

Song SubmissionWant You Track to Get Airplay On LagosJump Radio? Here’s How:

  1. Artist Registration: To get started, complete our artist registration form. Let’s work in tandem to present your musical prowess to our global community.
  2. Music Submission Details: Give us the backstory. From the brains behind the beats (the producer) to the inspiration driving the rhythm, and your journey in the music scene— we want to know it all. Please note: We are committed to maintaining a professional and respectful airplay standard, so ensure your tracks are devoid of profanities or any derogatory content.
  3. Stay Connected: Engage and follow us on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If your track hits the right chord with our team and is earmarked as a ‘Spotlight Track’, we’ll champion it across our channels.
  4. Metadata & Presentation: Before hitting the submit button, ensure your tracks are embedded with the correct metadata and accompanied by a high-resolution cover (at least 600px x 600px). Any deviations from the standard format will result in an automatic bypass. Standard Format Examples:
    • Sample 1: Artist Name (@TwitterUsername) – Song Title
    • Sample 2: Artist Name ft. Featured Artist (@ArtistTwitter) (@FeaturedArtistTwitter) – Song Title
    • Sample 3: Artist Name ft. Multiple Featured Artists (@ArtistTwitter) (@1stFeatured) (@2ndFeatured) – Song Title
  5. Quality Control: Make certain that your submissions resonate in clarity and are mixed to at least radio standards.

Some Examples of Artists we’ve worked with recently:

LagosJump Radio is not just a platform—it’s a commitment to the artist community. We’re here to ensure that deserving talents, like you, get the recognition they deserve. Join our musical journey today fill in our Song Submission form below!

Artist Registration Form Click the Button below:



Locate Us

We are an online streaming platform dedicated to promoting and showcasing the best afrobeats, and amapiano music. Located at the Radio Lounge 12 Ogombo Road, Ajah, Lagos (Beside Graceland Estate 2nd Gate)