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LagosJump Radio is an afrobeat-inspired online music platform, available through our website and mobile phone apps. We operate out of London and our dj studio in Ajah, Lagos, delivering a DJ oriented music streaming service.  LagosJump Radio is a 100% independent self-funded online 24×7 Afrobeats inspired music streaming radio service, dedicated to providing a quality platform for the various afrobeat related communities.


At LagosJump Radio we aim to support, promote and encourage talent. We take pride in our willingness and ability to play songs from both established and less established artists alike. If you would like to submit your song and have it played on LagosJump Radio then all you have to do is fill in our artist registration form.



You can upload your song via the form above.


You can contact us directly via the telegram app group “LagosJump Radio” and ask any question you might have. Members of the LagosJump Radio team monitor this group and you will have direct access to the studio.


We like to include shoutouts with your song, helps give your song more attention when we play it. You can record a shout here “ShoutOut Link



LagosJump Radio is your number one non-stop streaming platform giving you the best afro inspired music. Our music policy is afrobeats, afroswing, afropop, afrobashment, and everything else afro!


Tune into us today for good music from the UK, Nigeria, and Ghana to name a few…




About us

We are an online streaming platform dedicated to promoting and showcasing the best afrobeats.