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    LagosJump Radio Making You Jump To Our Beat

The Power of Sharing Your Story


For every artist on the path of stardom, the story behind your music is as integral as the rhythm and beats that propel it. At LagosJump Radio, we’re passionate about stories, and we’re offering you a featured article on our platform to amplify yours. Here is why why taking a few moments to fill in our questionnaire is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss:

Engaging Featured Artist Articles

Your answers aren’t just responses; they’re the building blocks and raw materials we use to sculpt a compelling featured artist article. This is your narrative, rendered in vivid detail, connecting deeply with both ardent fans and those about to discover your music and sound. A showcase of you and your music, backed by a brand that plays the music you make.

Broadened Exposure

Once your featured article is ready,  it doesn’t just sit idle. We post it on our website, a hub for music enthusiasts who are eager to discover their next favourite artist. This is your chance to make that impression but in your words.

Amplification on Social Media

In today’s interconnected world, social media is the heartbeat of discourse and discovery. We’ll champion your story across our extensive social media channels, ensuring it reaches ears far and wide.

Your Promotional Toolkit

Beyond our platforms, this article becomes a vital tool for you. Share it on your social media, feature it on your website, or include it in your press kit. It’s a testament to your journey, your dreams, and your unyielding passion.

Boost Your Musical Footprint

Your story should create a buzz. But there’s more! Not only will your music get aired on LagosJump Radio, but we’ll also feature your music video and provide links to stream your songs. This multi-pronged exposure ensures that your music is accessible to fans in a myriad of ways, enhancing your visibility and reach.

Fuel the Momentum

As the word spreads and your music plays, a beautiful cycle begins. More listeners, increased sharing, potentially more gigs, and an overarching uplift to your musical voyage.

A Partnership of Mutual Benefit

This venture requires just a bit of your time and introspection. In exchange, you gain a professionally penned article, the support of LagosJump Radio‘s platform, and multiple avenues of exposure. It’s collaboration at its finest, where every party, especially you, the artist, stands to gain.

So artists, this is your clarion call. Embrace this opportunity to partner with us, a chance, share your story, and let us be the wind beneath your wings. Fill out the LagosJump Radio questionnaire today, and together, let’s strike a chord that resonates far and wide.

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