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9T9YN: A Musical Journey Unveiled

todayJanuary 4, 2024 11

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    9T9YN: A Musical Journey Unveiled djWeymo

In the lively rhythm of Lagos, the heart of the Nigerian music scene beats, introducing a dynamic force – 9t9yn. Known as 9T9YN (pronounced Ninety Nine), the talented artist, songwriter, and vocalist has gained attention with a mix of Afro beats, R&B, Amapiano, and Pop. In an exclusive chat with LagosJump Radio, 9t9yn shares details about her musical journey, influences, challenges, and the inspiration behind her latest release, the three-track EP entitled “SWEET&SOUR.”

9T9YN, @9t9ynmusic the talented artist, songwriter, and vocalist has gained attention with a mix of Afro beats, R&B, Amapiano, and Pop.


Meet MARI JIMMY, widely recognized as 9t9yn across social media. A cool, fun, and goal-oriented individual, 9t9yn entered the music scene at a young age, starting as a choir singer in the church at age 9. Evolving her passion, he explored various genres and transitioned into a full-time artist in 2021, driven by a friend’s introduction to a producer, marking the beginning of a promising musical adventure.

9T9YN’s Musical Influences

Asked about her musical influences, 9t9yn acknowledges both local and international inspirations. Locally, Tiwa Savage plays a crucial role, while internationally, the influences of Rihanna, Tory Lanez, Jon Bellion, and SZA weave a rich tapestry that defines 9t9yn’s distinctive sound.

Latest Release: SWEET&SOUR EP

Delving into her recent work, 9t9yn proudly introduces her latest creation – the “SWEET&SOUR” EP. With three tracks, ther musical compilation encapsulates the artist’s journey, chronicling the highs and lows, the perspiration, and the sleepless studio nights. The title itself reflects the dualities of experiences shaping the EP, creating a sonic journey that resonates profoundly with listeners.

Lagos’s Influence on Sound and Lyrics

As an artist rooted in Lagos, 9t9yn recognises the overwhelming yet invigorating essence of the city. Drawing inspiration from its people and places, she infuses the vibrant energy of Lagos into her sound and lyrics, creating a unique blend that captures the essence of the cultural melting pot.

9T9YN’s Reflection on the Nigerian Music Scene

Expressing her thoughts on the current state of the Nigerian music scene, 9t9yn applauds the global impact of Nigerian artists. Figures like Davido, Burna Boy, and Tiwa Savage have propelled Nigerian music onto the international stage, paving the way for unprecedented success. She envisions continuous growth and global recognition for the industry.

Unique Contribution to the Industry

When questioned about the distinctive elements he brings to the music industry, 9t9yn emphasises her commitment to authenticity and creativity. Infusing a heartfelt approach to her craft, she aims to motivate and connect with her audience on a profound level, setting herself apart amidst a sea of aspiring talents.

9T9YN’s Evolution as an Artist

Reflecting on her musical journey from 2021 to the present, 9t9yn notes a consistent evolution. Navigating the intricacies of the music business, she focuses on original growth, witnessing an upward trajectory in streams and a burgeoning fanbase.

Challenges Faced as a New Artist

Addressing the challenges faced by emerging artists, 9t9yn highlights the financial constraints that often impede broader reach. Promotions through TV, radio, social media, and collaborations with established artists demand substantial investment, presenting hurdles for emerging talents.

Dream Collaborations and Inspirations

Expressing her aspirations, 9t9yn reveals her desire to collaborate with industry heavyweights such as Tiwa Savage, Tems, Davido, and Fireboy. She believes these collaborations will significantly contribute to her artistic growth and expand her reach within the industry.

Detailing her songwriting process, 9t9yn unveils its inherent variability – oscillating between writing on a beat when in the groove or crafting melodies before engaging with producers. her adaptability allows her to infuse contemporary trends while preserving her unique style, achieving a delicate balance between relevance and individuality.

Biggest Lesson Learned

Sharing insights gained from the music industry, 9t9yn underscores the paramount importance of staying focused and resilient. She emphasises the need for authentic public relations teams to navigate the industry’s intricate nuances, highlighting that recognition often follows popularity.

Upcoming Projects and Future Vision

Looking forward, 9t9yn announces the release of a new single as 2024 unfolds. Fans can find her music on all streaming platforms under the name “9t9yn.” Beyond music, her versatility shines as a business consultant and interior designer, showcasing a multi-faceted persona.

Vision for the Nigerian Music Scene

Contemplating the future of the Nigerian music scene, 9t9yn expresses unwavering optimism about its continued growth and global recognition. She envisions a colossal expansion in the coming years, with Nigerian artists accumulating international accolades and solidifying their dominance on the global stage.

9T9YN’s Message to Her Listeners

For those new to her music, 9t9yn recommends starting the journey with Track 2, “GANGSTAR,” from the “SWEET&SOUR” EP. She believes that her track encapsulates the essence

Connect with 9T9YN

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Written by: djWeymo

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