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ALVARO: Rekoba’s Musical Journey and Inspirations

todayJune 28, 2024 3

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    ALVARO: Rekoba’s Musical Journey and Inspirations Boluwatife

ALVARO, known by his stage name Rekoba, has embarked on a captivating musical journey. Starting from writing poems in class, he transitioned to writing rap songs at the age of eleven. His first performance was at a local festival, which fueled his passion for music. As he progressed, university friends invited him to studio sessions, shaping his path into full-time music.


The Inspiration Behind ALVARO’s Music

The impact of music on people’s lives inspired ALVARO to pursue it as a career. Sharing personal experiences through music can bring about change and touch hearts. This belief drives ALVARO to create music that resonates with listeners and brings positive vibes.

Musical Influences: Local and International

Locally, ALVARO’s musical influences include his friend Vado Mas Ki As, Nelson Freitas, and Djodje. Internationally, artists like Wizkid, Asake, and Burna Boy have shaped his sound. These influences are evident in his unique musical style, blending Cape Verdean vibes with Nigerian influences.

Latest Single: Amazing

ALVARO’s latest single, Amazing, was created during a drive home from Afronation festival in Portugal. Vibing to the beat with his friend Weazy B, they freestyled and captured the festival’s good vibes. The single reflects the joy and energy of that experience.

The Nigerian Music Scene

Though ALVARO resides in London, he has a profound appreciation for the Nigerian music scene. The continuous emergence of new artists raises the bar higher, pushing the music industry forward. This dynamic environment inspires ALVARO to integrate Nigerian elements into his music.

Unique Contributions to the Music Industry

ALVARO brings a distinct vibe from Cape Verde, influenced by Nigerian music. This fusion creates a unique sound that stands out in the industry. His music is a blend of different cultures, offering something fresh and engaging to listeners.

Evolution of ALVARO’s Music

Since his early days, ALVARO’s music has evolved significantly. Each day, he strives to surpass his previous work, constantly pushing the boundaries of his creativity. This evolution is a testament to his dedication and passion for music.

Impact on Listeners

ALVARO hopes his music motivates and inspires listeners. He aims to convey messages of hope and resilience, encouraging people to enjoy life despite its challenges. His music is a source of positive energy and motivation.

Challenges in the Music Industry

As a new artist, ALVARO faces the challenge of gaining recognition. With many talented artists emerging daily, standing out can be difficult. However, ALVARO remains optimistic, believing that once his music reaches people, they will appreciate and seek more of it.

Future Collaborations

ALVARO looks forward to collaborating with artists like Wizkid, Asake, and Burna Boy. He is open to working with anyone, as long as the energy matches. Collaborations are seen as opportunities to blend different styles and create something extraordinary.

Songwriting Process

ALVARO writes all his music, often starting with melodies before adding lyrics. This approach, especially in afrobeats, creates a natural vibe for the track. The melody-first process allows him to capture the essence of the music before crafting the lyrics.

While ALVARO keeps an eye on musical trends, he focuses on maintaining his unique sound. He selectively follows updates from artists he admires, avoiding the temptation to conform to every trend. This strategy helps him stay true to his style.

Lessons from the Music Industry

The biggest lesson ALVARO has learned is the importance of energy and patience. Rushing can stifle creativity, while a relaxed approach allows for better artistic expression. Maintaining positive energy is crucial in the creative process.

Finding ALVARO’s Music

ALVARO’s music is available on all major platforms. Fans should look out for his upcoming project, “Amadrip,” set to release next month. This project is expected to garner attention and lead to new opportunities, including tours and collaborations.

The Future of Nigerian Music

ALVARO sees the Nigerian music scene as unstoppable, with new artists and styles constantly emerging. This dynamic environment drives the narrative forward, making it an exciting space for music lovers worldwide.

Message to Listeners

ALVARO hopes his music conveys messages of hope, motivation, and positivity. He wants listeners to feel uplifted and inspired, embracing life’s joys despite its challenges.

Outside Music: Hobbies and Passions

Apart from music, ALVARO enjoys playing futsal. This hobby provides a balance, allowing him to unwind and recharge creatively.

Vision for the Future

In the next five years, ALVARO envisions himself as a prominent Cape Verdean artist, bringing his music to other African countries. Starting with Nigeria, the epicenter of African music, he aims to expand his reach and influence.

For new listeners, ALVARO recommends starting with his latest track, Amazing, followed by his Afrodrip project. These tracks showcase his style and the unique blend of influences in his music.

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Written by: Boluwatife

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