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Samuel: Sinsei 82’s Musical Journey and Inspirations

todayJuly 5, 2024 3

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    Samuel: Sinsei 82’s Musical Journey and Inspirations Boluwatife

Samuel, known by his stage name Sinsei 82, has an intriguing musical journey. Sinsei 82 began his career in a band called “Li Dinê,” which found success in Europe and Kurdistan (Iraq), Iran, and Turkey. Li Dinê performed in countries like Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, and Kurdistan. Notable performances included the SPOT festival (DK), National Danish television TV2, and large stadiums in Kurdistan with audiences of up to 15,000 people. The band enjoyed decent radio airplay in these countries and beyond.

sensei 82

Sinsei 82’s Musical Journey

Sinsei 82 has transitioned to working on his own music. He has 25 songs ready for release, planning to drop one each month. Collaborating with producer K-Del, who has worked with international artists like Snoop Dogg, DJ Battlecat, and Dcat, they have also focused on sync licensing. Recently, they secured a track on an upcoming movie with Death Row Records.

Inspiration Behind Sinsei 82’s Music

The love for singing inspired Sinsei 82 to pursue music. His journey began with reading books and writing poetry. Inspired by 2Pac, he started rapping, leading to his musical career. Sinsei 82’s eclectic taste in music influences his style, creating a unique sound that resonates with diverse audiences.

Musical Influences

Sinsei 82 draws inspiration from a wide range of artists. Influences include 2Pac, J. Cole, 50 Cent, and Akon. These artists have shaped his music, contributing to his distinctive sound and style.

Latest Single: The Story Behind It

Sinsei 82’s latest single reflects his personal experiences. He enjoys playing with melodies and rhythms that are unconventional, pushing creative boundaries while keeping the music catchy and melodically pleasing.

Influence of Lagos Music Scene

Although Sinsei 82 resides in Denmark, he loves the music from Lagos. Artists like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Fireboy, and Kizz Daniel influence his music. He plans to release 4-5 Afrobeat Nigerian influenced songs in the future.

Current State of Nigerian Music

Sinsei 82 admires the Nigerian music scene, recognizing the abundance of great talent. He hopes to visit Nigeria one day to experience the vibrant music culture firsthand.

Unique Elements in Sinsei 82’s Music

Sinsei 82 brings a unique approach to music, playing with sounds, samples, and melodies that are uncommon. This experimentation sets his music apart, offering listeners a fresh and innovative experience.

Evolution of Sinsei 82’s Music

Since starting his musical journey, Sinsei 82’s music has evolved. Continuous practice and pushing genre boundaries have enhanced his creativity, resulting in a more refined sound.

Impact on Listeners

Sinsei 82 hopes his music brings joy to listeners and encourages them to avoid the mistakes he has made. His music aims to inspire resilience and a strong fighting spirit.

Challenges in Today’s Music Industry

The ease of making music today presents a challenge for new artists like Sinsei 82. With so much music available, it can be difficult to stand out. However, he remains hopeful that good music will always find its audience.

Desired Collaborations

Sinsei 82 looks forward to collaborating with artists like Akon, J. Cole, Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Drake. These collaborations would blend diverse styles, creating extraordinary musical pieces.

Songwriting Process

Sinsei 82 writes all his music. His process varies, often starting with melodies before adding lyrics. If he doesn’t have a track, he writes lyrics first, ensuring a natural flow in his music.

To stay updated with musical trends while maintaining his unique sound, Sinsei 82 uses platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. This helps him stay connected with the latest in music without compromising his style.

Lessons from the Music Industry

The music industry has taught Sinsei 82 the importance of hard work and consistency. These principles are essential for success and growth in the competitive music landscape.

Upcoming Projects and Releases

Fans can look forward to Sinsei 82’s upcoming projects. With 25 finished songs, he plans to release one song per month, keeping his audience engaged with fresh content.

Evolution of Nigerian Music Scene

Sinsei 82 believes that the global recognition of genres like Afrobeats will lead to more opportunities for young singers. Increased visibility translates to more chances for talented artists to showcase their skills.

Message to Listeners

Sinsei 82 hopes his music instills a sense of resilience and a strong fighting spirit in listeners. His goal is to inspire and uplift through his musical journey.

Hobbies and Passions Outside Music

Outside of music, Sinsei 82 enjoys football and weight training. These hobbies provide a balance, helping him stay fit and motivated.

Vision for the Next Five Years

In the next five years, Sinsei 82 envisions himself as a successful artist. His goal is to make a significant impact in the music industry and reach a wider audience.

For those new to his music, Sinsei 82 recommends starting with his track “Not My Day.” This song showcases his style and the unique blend of influences in his music.

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Written by: Boluwatife

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